Spectator Areas


Your friends and family can come and check you out on our spectator-friendly course!

Bring a copy of the Course Map with you. There are several great locations where you can follow the action. But please be careful and be aware of the approaching runners. Do not AT ANY TIME walk on, stand on, or block, the course as you make your way to a location to view the race in progress:

  • View the excitement of the Start from Jorie Blvd.
  • After watching the Start, walk along the west side of Jorie Blvd., and watch as the runners emerge from the Jorie Blvd. viaduct (approximately 2.3 miles into the course – remember not to block the path!). Leaders should arrive at about 7:12 AM.
  • You can hustle over to Midwest Road and 31st Street (Oak Brook Road), and watch as they round the corner near Oak Brook Community Church (approximately 4.5 miles into the race). Leaders should arrive at about 7:22 AM.
  • Walk down to 31st Street (Oak Brook Road) west of Jorie Blvd. and watch them cruise by at approximately 5 1/2 miles into the race. Leaders should arrive at about 7:27 AM.
  • Or, walk down to 31st Street (Oak Brook Road) and head east toward Spring Road, and watch the action as they bear down on Mile 6. Leader should arrive at about 7:30 AM.
  • Go further east on 31st Street (Oak Brook Road) past the Oak Brook Library to the street crossing out of Fullersburg Woods, or further east to York Road and give them your encouragement as head into the final 3 miles. Leaders should exit Fullersburg Woods at about 7:48 AM.
  • Then head to Central Park to watch the big finish!
  • Spectator Viewing Map coming soon.

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