What time does the race start?

The Race starts at 7:00 AM sharp.

Is this event a “Run/Walk”?

The Oak Brook Half-Marathon is a running event. There is no “Walk”. However, the race will accommodate runners of a wide range of abilities. The course will be open for 3 1/2 hours.

Note, however, that runners who do not clear the intersection of 31st Sreet and Jorie Blvd. (about 5.75 miles into the race) by 8:30 AM (about a 16 minute per mile pace) will be directed back to the Finish Line Area, a little over a half-mile away. Keep in mind that the course has many rolling hills, and you should take that into account when estimating the pace that you can maintain.

Are dogs and baby strollers permitted?

No. For safety reasons, dogs, other pets, and baby strollers are not permitted on the course.

Where do I park? Will there be enough space?

There will be plenty of free parking on race day, conveniently located in the Ace Hardware and Crossings Office Complex parking lots immediately north of the Starting Line.

If you did not pick-up your race packet before Race Day (and we strongly encourage you to do so…….), you will be able to do so just south of the Starting Line, at 1450 Kensington Road. But please, pick up your packet early if you can, and help us expedite Race Operations on September 7th. We have arranged for 5 days of pre-race packet pick-up. Spend your time warming up for the race, instead of waiting in line.

Will there be a “Gear Check” on Race Day?

THERE WILL BE NO GEAR CHECK AT THIS EVENT: In an effort to ensure the safety and security of participants and spectators, the Oak Brook Police Department will not permit the use of a “gear check”. All gear bags should be secured in your vehicle. Unattended bags will be immediately removed by Police.

We hope that you will understand that the Oak Brook Police Department is sincerely concerned about your safety.

While we regret that we cannot offer this service, please note that Race Day parking is located directly north of the Start Line Area. In previous years, actual use of our Gear Check accommodations was minimal, indicating that the vast majority of our participants feel that “in-car” storage of their gear was no less convenient than using the Gear Check.


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